BSP Funds was established in order to provide services to investors within the Hedge Fund universe.
Since 2005 BSP has provided services to institutional clients as well to High Net Worth (HNW) investors and family offices globally. The team with over a decade of hedge fund investment experience and strong qualitative and quantitative analytical skills , has succeeded in creating portfolios that have outperformed their benchmark, year after year.
The objective of BSP is to provide consistent long-term appreciation of assets through active investment in a diversified portfolio of underlying hedge funds. By using sophisticated statistical systems and research techniques, funds are selected based on their ability to maintain a sustainable edge and to maximize risk adjusted returns in a range of market conditions. 
Each fund has a distinct investment objective and approach which, as part of a portfolio of assets, forms a diversified basket of hedge fund investments. BSP investment strategies target a low correlation to traditional markets. Further, these strategies offer clients the opportunity to participate in a diverse blend of hedge fund investments, whilst also offering a superior risk based approach through utilizing optimization techniques.
Capital preservation and growth underlies the philosophy of BSP.